Thriller Enescu | Ziua 9 | Ep. 20

August 27 at 11:26 AM

Dear Mr Mark Ainley,

As the leading authority on Dinu Lipatti’s works and life, after spending some three decades in search of his unreleased recordings and profound musicianship, you are best placed indeed to answer a difficult question.   

You would be possibly surprised to learn a strange fact: Lipatti’s own certificate of baptism auctioned by unrevealed owners in Bucharest!

Described below, this certificate of baptism was presented as belonging to a series of documents (and a violin) related to Enescu, supposedly coming from Romeo Drăghici’s collection (?), some if not most of them presenting very knotty problems, juridical, intellectual and ethical. Can you please indicate the relevant features of this/such document/s? Have you ever encountered this or similar authentic documents regarding Lipatti and coming from a Drăghici collection or from anything truly related to Enescu’s own material legacy?

One week only after the auction house’s announcement, you may now easily check the intense public reaction this auction already incited here in Bucharest. This includes some three dozen newspaper articles and interviews as well as a petition currently signed by more than 4,200 persons, including some celebrated musicians, musicologists and musical managers. Furthermore, Artexim, the traditional organizer of George Enescu Int’l Festival, immediately asked the Home Secretary to investigate the auction house’s documents and claims. For the very first time if I am not mistaken, some musicologists in Romania publicly admitted Drăghici himself and some of his collaborators or acquaintances subtracted and sold in doubtful circumstances to unknown purchasers several (if not very many) documents from Enescu Estate of the Museum (as testified recently by a past director of the Enescu Museum in Bucharest, Dr Laura Manolache). It is simply too much to dismember not only (!) Enescu’s legacy but also Lipatti’s. Other details on this very page. The musical and cultural community in Romania would be delighted, I am quite sure, to know your expert opinion. Every good wish. 

PS A recent comment by Enescu’s niece.

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